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Hacking is not Cracking

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Hacking is not breaking into computers. No, seriously, it’s not. Cracking is the correct term. I don’t care if you have had twenty years experience in the computer industry. This word is older then your experience is.


Anyone, even someone who uses the “deprecated” meaning of hacking can, and probably will, tell you that Hacking is taking a hunk or two of junk and turning twisting it to form something really cool.


How does this relate to breaking into other computers?

It doesn't! The media and people who don't know any better have used popularized the use of hacking because it sounds so much like cracking. Now, most people don’t know the difference.


I don’t expect anyone to believe me, so here are my references.


Wikipedia - Hacker

The Jargon File -Hacker

The Jargon File -Cracker

A great article about what makes a good hacker

A completely unrelated (but funny) 'serial'

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