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LeTourneau Tips

Page history last edited by James 14 years, 2 months ago

So, you're coming to LetU and you want some info? Right on. Information wants to be anthropomorphized. Have some random facts. Also, check out Elijah Lofgren's LeTourneau Tips. He has the more practical edge of the spectrum covered.


Linux. A sadly high percentage of the campus uses Windows. Sorry, Linux nerds. That being said, it's not hard at all to find a fellow *NIX fan; just look attend an ACM meeting. Don't worry about ISOs; LetNet has a frequently updated FTP site for most of the popular distros. LeTourneau also has a Linux Update site. Wifi details. Keep in mind that CS major-type-people can get free Microsoft development software. I dual-boot Ubuntu and XP, fwiw.


Video games. No, just. Don't. You shouldn't even be looking this up. That being said, StarCraft, WarCraft III, WoW, Halo, Unreal Tournament 2003, Guitar Hero II, and Super Smash Bros are rather popular. But seriously, you won't have time after the first few weeks. Of your first semester.


Bandwidth Limit. Five gigabytes per month. Unless you download a lot of stuff, you'll be fine. Anything under the letu.edu domain is local and doesn't count toward the limit. Once the limit has been reached, you go to the "dungeon", a 100kbs line shared by everyone over the limit. Dungeon is unearthly slow. You can buy more bandwidth, but only if you subscribe for the entire remainder of the semester. Use the labs and a USB key if you need to download big files. Oh, that reminds me, bring a USB key. USB keys are the new floppy disks. Plus, you'll be glad you have one for the English comp classes.


Don't even try Software Piracy. BitTorrent and most P2P protocols are blocked. I'm not saying piracy is not possible, I'm saying it's wrong and it's not worth it 


Email - Exchange w/ POP & IMAP enabled. 50Mb storage, No search feature. You can export it to an existing Gmail account.


Hootenanny is a ton of fun, but don't enter a skit if you're struggling in a class. The show will eat up time you could have spent studying.


Ask for help. Chaplin Carl has told me (unofficially, of course) that one of the big issues with LetU students in general is that they like to solve problems on their own. It's OK to ask a professor to explain something to you if you don't understand it. Find out when the office hours of your profs are. 

Along those same lines, tutors are your friends! They are also free; check into it. TIs and Math Lab are also quite nice.


Get organized. It's relatively easy to get overwhelmed by all the work being thrown at you. It (probably) won't happen your first semester, but it's a good habit to get into. Get (and use!) a planner. Online or dead tree versions both work. Also, it is in your best interest to start outlining. Again, paper works just fine for this. If you're more comfortable typing, I have three recommendations. TomBoy, OneNote, and Evernote. Which one works for you depends how you think and how cheap you are. OneNote is excellent, but it's Windows only. You can get it for free from the school's MSDNAA program if you're in a CS class. Evernote automatically syncs your notes online, which is nifty for syncing multiple machines, viewing notes on iPhone, and/or computer lab access. TomBoy is a personal desktop wiki. You can sync it with your LetNet MyFiles WebDAV account.


Unite with your floor. Your floor will be the folks who are always around. You will eat, hang out, and attend various campus events with your floor. Why not get to know them? Participate in EO.


The precise details of Extended Orientation are classified. Most floors have it. It typically lasts for a week or so. Just go along with it. Keep in mind that you may (or may not) receive a nickname based upon your actions during this period of time.


Get Knouse for all math classes possible. I know Elijah also says this on his page, but it needed to be said again. I cannot stress this enough.


Check out Project Jumpstart. It's worth it.


We used to have an unofficial IRC channel, #letu on Freenode. Come and idle.


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