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LeTourneau has a number of rich traditions. Making strange and humorous videos is one of them. On this page is a collection of links (mostly to YouTube) collecting all the ones I can find. Feel free to contact me if you've found one not listed here. The linked videos include official announcements, commentary on campus issues, skill and project demonstrations, documentation of floor traditions, and general humor.



The Man's Dryer  

"I'm told this video was made in the 1990s. Aeronautical engineering students are [using a] small jet engine from Turbines lab to dry their laundry. It's not any laundry dryer, however. The air leaving the turbine engine is traveling at 100+ MPH and exceeds 300 degrees." -- Dr. Lunsford



Tackle the box for a dollar!

Thomas One's annual fund raiser. The webmaster appears at some point in this video.


Burm Flying 

Activities of this sort are fairly common, actually.


Student Government

This video appeared in chapel.


Film Fest

Bad Day 



Baja Rollover

Rollcages are there for a reason.


Formula Chase

LeTourneau security attempt to chase down the Formula to ticket it for speeding...


Film Fest

LeTourneau Linebacker

In which university president Dr. Austin cracks down on students who are slacking off. Winner of Film Fest 2008.


Mad World

Halo cinematic and Mad World meet.


Staying Alive

A stop motion whiteboard music video.



LeTU Insecurity

Around the time this was made, there were two major incidents involving security. The first was that a male somehow got into a female dorm after visiting hours, causing administration to initiate what became known as "lockdown". Before lockdown, there was a lot of freedom, and most of the dorms were only locked between the hours of midnight and eight AM. Many students were unhappy with having to punch in a code or swipe their ID card to enter dorms. The second major incident was that the security patrol car overturned in a ditch as the driver attempted to chase a bicycle thief. The video was rather widely watched and controversial, as someone impersonated YAC and emailed the YouTube link to a large portion of the student body.


The Document Destroyer 2000

A demonstration of one of the Rube Goldburg Competition entries.


Spin Testing

A flight student shows off a rather exciting maneuver.  


New Vision

Dr. Lunsford's new vision for the school. Shown in chapel. 


Fall Fest dancing

one two three four five(?) six seven 


Film Fest

Behind the Scenes of Man vs. Wild (Part 1 | Part 2)

Elf Horror 

Women of LeTourneau University



Film Fest

Stop Motion Chase Sequence

Winner of the Audience Choice award. 


Clorox Bomb



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