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I use Ubuntu Linux, but these tips should apply to anyone using Gnome.



Activate Apps menuAlt+F1
Run dialogAlt+F2
Switch desktopCtrl+Alt+Arrow
Switch desktop taking current appCtrl+Alt+Shift+Arrow




This is basically the Gnome equivalent of the Windows registery, only slightly less evil. A few handy options lurk here, amidst a ton of stuff most people could care less about. The location of some useful options follow.


Desktop icons

Add or remove system desktop icons from the desktop

/ > apps > nautilus > desktop > *


Use dektop as /home/$user

Kinda odd, this one. It uses the contents of your home folder as the desktop icons.


/ > apps > nautilus > preferences > desktop_is_home_dir


Command Line

Mount ISO files

sudo mkdir /media/iso

sudo modprobe loop

sudo mount file.iso /media/iso/ -t iso9660 -o loop


To unmount Image (ISO) file

sudo umount /media/iso/



To convert dvr-ms file

ffmpeg -i Heroes_KTAL_29_01_2007_19stream_58_02.dvr-ms -vcodec mpeg2video out.mpg


slowmo, no sound


Grab realmedia file

mplayer -dumpstream rtsp://a445.v78703.c7870.g.vr.akamaistream.net/ondemand/7/445/7870/v0001/mitstorage.download.akamai.com/7870/8/8.01/f99/videolectures/wl99lec8-80k.rm



Dump the soundtrack to stream.dump

mplayer "myfile.flv" -dumpaudio


play FLV files

gmplayer filename.flv


62x24 - ideal terminal window size for irssi


captive ntfs


Checking installation archive integrity... done.

Extracting Captive... done.

Initializing Captive...

./install: line 58: /sbin/chkconfig: No such file or directory

touch: cannot touch `/var/lock/subsys/captive': No such file or directory

Initialization done.


NTFS disk drives can be now mounted by:

mkdir /mnt/drive-c

mount -t captive-ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/drive-c


You can later uninstall Captive by executing: /etc/captive-uninstall.sh


Install a new font. (For a single user)

If ~/.fonts does not exist, create it:

$ mkdir ~/.fonts

Copy the font, from the command line, run the following:

$ cp fontfile ~/.fonts

From the command line, run the following:

$ fc-cache -f -v ~/.fonts

or alternatively, log out, and log back in.


How to make deb packages

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