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The Dungeon Survival Guide

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Dungeon facts

The dungeon is a shared 100 kb/s link. When you have exceeded your 5 gigabyte bandwidth (throughput) for the month, you will be automatically transferred to it.


Files downloaded from the letu.edu and letnet.net domains, as well as files transferred over the LAN do not count towards your bandwidth.



The Longview Hall and Glaskee computer labs are exempt from bandwidth limitations (for now), so you still have (less convenient) means for doing actual work. Note that the labs are monitored, and people who abuse the lack of a bandwidth meter have been asked to leave the labs in the past. The LH labs close at midnight, while the Glaskee lab is open several hours later.


Note that while in dungeon, you will be on a different network than your usual floor one. Everyone in dungeon has used large amounts of bandwidth for some reason, and many of them have publicly shared folders containing install files. I personally keep mine stocked with open source applications, free games, and Creative Commons licensed music. Most people won't have a public shared folder, but it may still be worth exploring.



For browsing when dangerously near dungeon, you should grab a copy of Opera. Note the little button on the bottom right toolbar; set it to "cached." You can click the button on and off to easily toggle the downloading of images on and off, while still having the benefit of seeing them. The download manager feature also makes it reasonably easy to gage how many large files per day you are downloading.


In dungeon toward the end of the month, it can be very hard to even load a normal web page. Your connection will likely time out repeatedly towards the end of the month. Counter this by downloading a copy of Wget. You can grab your file by by running the following command.

wget -c "http://whatever.com/blah.html" 

The -c means that the connection will be continued. When the connection drops to 0 bytes per second, hit Ctrl-C and run the command again. You may have to do this up to ten or more times for a website during peek dungeon traffic. Remember that you are on a shared connection, please don't abuse it.



A surprising number of websites can be loaded in a "low bandwidth" cellphone mode by appending "m." to the start of the URL. Some commonly used sites follow.


Resuming a normal life

After the month has ended, you should be placed back on the normal network automatically. If you are not, disconnect your network cable (or turn your wifi card off), reboot, and plug the network cable back in.


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