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I don't watch a lot of TV. Which is to say, almost none. When I do, however, I try to make sure that others don't repeat my tragic mistakes.



One 'o them continuous plot shows with like 50 characters that becomes next to impossible to follow if you haven't been watching since the start of season one. It's somewhat like a soap opera, except that the characters randomly bust out with super powers and save the world.

This is currently the only show I even remotely try to follow.


Jeeves and Wooster

Based on the works of P. G. Wodehouse, this is the best TV series ever created. Convoluted love triangles, theft in the dead of night, and general "sophisticated" humor. If you have not seen it, you've missed out.

A warning, though. The forth season, while not truly horrible, is substantially less great than the first three.


Wodehouse Playhouse

Also based on the works of P. G. Wodehouse, mostly on the assorted short stories. Stays much truer to the original stories. Not as polished as Jeeves and Wooster. Older. Still pretty great. Wodehouse, who was alive when they were produced, approved.



What if, in an alternate universe, Spiderman was bitten by a vampire and became a private investigator? Would he reject Mary-Jane to protect her? Would he feed off her if he was about to die? Would it even be possible for him to become more emo? All these questions and more are answered in convenient episodic format.



How can you not know about and/or not like this show? Duct tape, gunpowder, and parts easily obtained from common kitchen appliances can get you out of just about anything. It's science! Good for the first three seasons.


StarTrek (The original series)

Everyone knows StarTrek. It's in space! It's rather cheesy. I wish I could see more of it.


Mork and Mindy

Mork, a sub-advanced being from outer space, falls in love with Mindy. A good episode is one in which Mork is allowed to do improv for extended periods of time.


The Office (US version)

Completely unrelated to Office Space (a movie I absolutely detest), this is probably the closest thing on TV to a live-action Dilbert. It's actually consistently pretty funny. Unfortunately, it has far, far too much sexual innuendo for my taste.


Dragonball Z

Ah, yes. My introduction to anime. Don't even bother.


Fate: Stay Night

What's this? An anime James actually enjoys? Amazing. Too bad he'll never see the entire thing. But yes. Something about 12 heroes with avatars battling over the fate of the holy grail.


The Beverly Hillbillies

The best sitcom ever. A family of pioneers becomes rich and moves to Hollywood. Chaos ensues as they feud with the neighbors, engage in countless misunderstandings, and use their wealth frugally.



Young Duke

Lighthearted generic cowboy show starring a young John Wayne. I liked it.


Zorro's The Black Whip

A Zorro spinoff series! You know what to expect. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger, but the series ultimately had an unsatisfactory conclusion. Eh, I enjoyed it.


Wanted: Dead or Alive

Reminded me of StarTrek for some reason. Follows a (secretly) benevolent bounty hunter. Very tight story telling. Each episode almost has a moral, but not all of them have happy endings.

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